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SAP BYDesign

Have you been searching for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that will help you gain full control of your business and improve multiple facets of your business? Your answer lies in SAP Business ByDesign. This one-stop solution is able to help reduce business operational costs, maintain consistency, improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

This innovative cloud ERP is designed to provide these benefits to a business:

Built for Growth


Real-time view of your financial condition, streamline core accounting processes, and better manage cash and liquidity.


Empower employees with self-service procurement, centralise supplier information, and negotiate better deals.

Human Resource

Streamline organisation management, workforce administration, time and attendance, and employee self-service.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage your marketing, sales, and service processes – and drive customer engagement.

Project Management

Integration across all functional areas will help your teams manage, deliver, and monitor projects in real-time.

Supply Chain Management

Model your internal, external supply and integrate the value chain for cost transparency, up-to-date inventory valuation, and a tight process integration.


Quickly adapt to foreign tax requirements, languages, and currencies for quick entry to new markets.


SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent, integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that utilises Artificial Intelligence to transform your business by solving industry-specific requirements, enable intelligent automation, meet IT landscape goals and better decision making with embedded analytics. With SAP S/4HANA businesses have experienced 20% lower inventory costs, 50% reduction in billing process time and 30% lower total cost of ownership.

This AI-powered ERP system provides these benefits to a business:

Navigate constantly changing industries
Unlock new levels of performance
Predict and act, in real-time


Enable subscription-based revenue models, simplify accounting, financial close processes and real-estate management, improve treasury and financial risk processes and more.

Supply Chain

Gain more accurate commitment dates, integrate transportation management, streamline warehouse management and optimise inventory levels and processes.


Improve production planning, accelerate operations, enhance quality management, support complex assembly processes and support seamless manufacturing engineering.

R&D Engineering

Improve project control and product development, streamline product life cycle management, speed up engineering processes and boost efficiency.


Maximise revenue with order and contract management, drive and manage sales performance and support your sales force and sales managers.

Professional Services

Optimise engagement profitability, simplify time entry, enforce limits on time and expense billing, streamline quote to cash and assess staffing levels.


Gain in-depth purchasing insights, streamline operational purchasing, automate sourcing and contract management and effectively reduce supply chain risk.

Asset Management

Transform asset management practices into new opportunities for operational excellence by planning, scheduling, and executing maintenance activities with integrated and optimised processes.


In any business regardless of industry, providing your customers with the best service possible should be a priority. To help you and your employees achieve constant customer satisfaction, there’s SAP Cloud CX, cloud-based solutions designed to enhance customer engagement (CRM), human capital management and analytics.

A look at the various benefits of SAP Cloud CX:

Low upfront investment
Quick implementation
Seamless integration to SAP ERP backend

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud

Provide your sales team with the agility and capability to find answers, engage in meaningful customer conversations and delivery the right impact every time. With SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, your sales team will be able to close deals faster as it improves sales strategy and eliminates guesswork through analytics.

Sales Automation and Forecast Optimisation

Provide the data your sales reps need in one place that is available anytime and anywhere. Give them access to real-time lead management, increased pipeline visibility, accurate revenue forecasting and insight-driven deal closings.

Quotes and Contracts

Gain the ability to easily configure complex products online, automate pricing and discounting, and negotiate contracts in real-time via a secure, collaborative portal.

Sales Performance Management

Achieve better sales by using territory and quota planning with analytics. Gain real-time updates and eliminate or reduce the need for manual spreadsheet updates and maintenance.

Billing and Revenue Management

Meet the rapidly changing needs of your customers with automated order lifecycle management, seamless fulfilment and automate revenue recognition.

Augmented Intelligence

Gain real-time, prescriptive planning that allows you and your team to make quick, confident and impactful decisions at any point during the sales cycle.

SAP Hybris Service Cloud

Enable your organisation and team to cover every customer touchpoint and exceed your customers’ expectations every time. With SAP Hybris Service Cloud, you can provide your customers with a consistent and unified service across phone, digital channels, support communities and e-commerce on a single platform.

Create an omnichannel experience for customers

Eliminate the need for additional contact centre infrastructures as SAP Hybris Service Cloud supports traditional and digital channels in a single cloud offering.

Operate a 24/7 service

Provide round-the-clock customer service with quick, accurate, automatic answers via chatbots, knowledge bases and communities.

Motivate your team

Reduce employee turnover by empowering your customer service agents with knowledge, tools, support and insights based on real engagements.

Create a full feedback loop

Enable continuous service and product improvements.

Harmonise your business processes

Accelerate issue resolution by harmonising front office customer engagements with back-office systems and processes.


Transform the customer data you have gathered into growth and revenue with SAP Marketing Cloud. This solution provides you with the ability to build the perfect customer profile, deepen customer relationship, optimise customer experiences and drive intelligent marketing.

Sharpen the Focus of Marketing

Unite experience and operational data across the enterprise to build a single, comprehensive view of customers that delivers powerful insights to shape marketing strategy.

Build Customer Trust and Deepen Customer Relationship

Use consent-based marketing and advanced data analytics to engage your customers with pinpoint accuracy, while providing a five-star customer experience.

Optimise Customer Experiences and Outcomes

Use real-time business intelligence to enable fast analysis and confident decision-making across the organisation, while delighting customers and optimising marketing performance.

Drive demand and growth for B2B marketing

Empower your team of marketers to successfully generate demand, increase lead conversions, and, ultimately, drive more sales.


With SAP Customer Data Cloud, you will be able to effectively build trust with businesses, partners, and customers by transforming permission-based consumer data into unified profiles. Stored on a central platform, storage, management and customising customers’ profiles, preferences and consent settings will be easier than ever.

Offer Seamless, Personalised B2C Engagements

Identify customers and deliver exceptional digital experiences that adapt to their behaviours seamlessly.

Optimise B2B Value Networks

Accelerate time to market, simplify identity lifecycle management, and protect against risks with SAP Customer Identity and Access Management solutions for B2B.

Build Trusted Customer and Partner Relationships

Build customer trust, enhance data governance, and protect your business with enterprise consent and preference management.

Strengthen Customer Trust in the Era of GDPR, CCPA, and Beyond

Meet global data privacy requirements and build customer trust by offering transparency and personal data control.

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services

In today’s mobile world, having a mobile application is an easy and cost-effective way to engage with your customers or simplify processes for your employees. With SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, developing, configuring and managing a bespoke application for Apple iOS or Google Android is easier than ever.

Benefits of SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services:

Centralised suite of tools for administrators
Enterprise mobile application with consumer experience
Development tools to accelerate process
Lower development and operating costs

SAP Mobile Cards

Publish any data to a user- and mobile-friendly “wallet” or “passbook” format for both iOS and Android apps.

Mobile Development Kit

Easily and rapidly create or customise native SAP applications with the mobile development kit that supports drag and drop simplicity.

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

Build beautiful and intuitive native applications with the Swift programming language.

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android

Build powerful and elegant native applications using Android Studio and your preferred programming language.

Mobile Back-End Tools

Model an OData service and generate Java EE web applications easily with the Mobile Back-end Tools (MBT) that is part of the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services.

Mobile Transaction Bridge

Easily and quickly mobilise SAP GUI transactions by using screen recording to generate OData service.


The latest SAP Fiori 3 is now more Consistent, Intelligent and Integrated so that it delivers a modern user-experience to users. This tool equips designers and developers with the tools and guidelines they need to create apps for any platform and turn new ideas into great applications to quickly meet market demands.

Why choose SAP Fiori?

Seamless and consistent user-experience
Remarkably reduce development time
Deliver next-generation user experience
Access to award-winning UI/UX resources

SAP Fiori Design

Created to accelerate the design-to-development process, SAP Fiori’s design system features a coherent framework for different design languages and provides the flexibility to design beautiful enterprise applications for any screen size.

SAP Fiori Develop

Bring your ideas to life quicker and easier with SAP Fiori’s development tools that enable you to create and develop any type of app you want faster, scale your development at will and use your own tools to realise your goals.

Enterprise Content Management

Simplify and unify how your organisation manages, stores, preserves and delivers content and documents by relying on the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategies, methods and tools we are able to provide via OpenText and SAP solutions’ enhanced features and functionality.

EMI’s ECM solution is made up of multiple parts and one of them is the OpenText Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) that streamlines accounts payable (AP) operations for SAP customers. VIM optimises and simplifies processes such as receiving, managing, monitoring and routing invoices and related documentation on all levels.

Benefits of VIM include:

Accelerate invoice processing through rapid invoice data capture and automated invoice routing.

Increase ROI by reducing invoice cycle times and eliminating late fees.

Improve productivity through automation and an intelligent robotics solution.

Ensure compliance through defined business processes and a documented audit trail.

Deploy solutions rapidly with a defined scope and predictable costs.

To help manage the rapidly increasing amounts of information with minimum and effort and resources, there’s SAP Document Access. This OpenText and SAP Archiving application allow you to handle both structured and unstructured content efficiently.

Benefits of SAP Document Access are:

Increase productivity and lower training costs with intuitive user interface.

Eliminate paper and paper handling inefficiencies and speed up processes.

Improve operational efficiency and productivity by integration of business documents with SAP.

Benefits of  SAP Data Archiving:

Enhance system performance and response time online

Cost savings due to more efficient use of resources

Simplify migration to SAP HANA® and reduce HANA appliance footprint

Improve system availability

Reduce TCO of your SAP system

Secure and compliant long-term storage of archived data

SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management (SAP xECM) application that is designed to help you unite and manage unstructured and structured content more effectively and efficiently. This makes it easier for your employees and partners to access information, collaborate efficiently and support compliance. 

Benefits of xECM include:

Increase process efficiency by making unstructured content easily accessible within the context of SAP business process and by fostering collaboration.

Achieve an unprecedented level of consistency and control by leveraging SAP data, structures and authorisation for organising and categorising unstructured content.

Minimise risks associated with unstructured content by controlling its complete lifecycle.

Reduce costs by digitising paper documents, reducing storage requirements, facilitating database backups, and optimising system performance.

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