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Your peace of mind is our obligation.
“One size doesn’t fit all” – we are here to tailor methodology that fits your organisation to ensure that your processes are streamlined and you work in utmost convenience.

Project Management

We understand that implementing new systems or technologies into your business can pose multiple challenges in the beginning. Downtime, disruptions, potential data loss and many more risks capable of hindering short-run productivity.

Though system implementation can potentially be beneficial in the long-term, the short-run risks and downside potential for long-run failures in this domain definitely poses risks in a business’ survival even if system implementation is aimed at improving a company’s workflows. We understand companies’ frustrations when it comes to implementation without assistance, and we are committed to mitigating that with your peace of mind in primary consideration.

With this, we provide end-to-end project management services to help our customers reduce their implementation time and costs, as well as mitigate risks without compromising the quality of the implementation outcome by complying with Best Practices and Industry Solution processes. Our services are widely implemented and studied and are guaranteed to meet your objectives and needs.


Upon successful implementation of business solutions, we will continue to provide EMI’s brand of multi-dimensional consulting. Based on our experience we understand that extra support and guidance may be much needed to ensure that initial implementation is sustainable, with success metrics catered to and measured accurately to reap long-term rewards for business improvement.

However, to switch from obtaining services through an SAP implementer to a long-term consulting partner can be an arduous task, and to transfer context between one company to another may pose a heavy risk on business inefficiency as well. We aim to bridge that gap after successful implementation.

Through this we aim to provide our customers with recommendations and solutions curated to your business, implementing flexible, quick and smooth solutions capable of adapting to your evolving business needs. Our well-implemented and seasoned methods ensure that implementation of solutions remain smooth and successful, with minimal operation disruptions.

Aside from being just a conventional SAP Implementer, we are committed to building our connection with you as an SAP Partner. It is of utmost importance to us that our clients are at a convenient position with our advice and assistance.

Application Management Services

We are proud to announce that we are a certified Partner Centre of Excellence (PCoE) for SAP, and an SAP Gold Partner. With this, we are capable of providing enterprise-level support to our clients.. Through our 15 years of tenure, we have serviced clients from a diverse range of industries including pharmaceuticals, utility, retail business companies and many more.

We are trained and understand general to specific business processes for a wide range of companies of all sizes, complexity and are confident that our well-experimented methods yield practical results.

Our expertise enables us to provide SAP application and implementation services both on-premise and in the cloud. Our knowledge is constantly updated based on updates and new information available from SAP. Aside from that, we also provide the following services:-   

- Incident management
- Service request fulfillment
- Problem management
- Change management
- Knowledge management
- Service reviews

Business Process Optimisation

While business implementation and management may have added complications and procedures that might constitute to a steeper learning curve. We understand how important it is to ensure that personnel involved within the business are perfectly capable and suited for any transition into new systems, or even improvements in old systems.

Our company is renowned for our working business processes knowledge in all areas within SAP. We have seasoned experiences in implementing strategic plans aimed to streamline certain business processes, enhance efficiency, productivity and potentially reduce associated costs for our clients.

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