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Driven by our thirst for innovation, we’ve created our own propietary technologies whenever there is a need to solve the business needs of our clients.


Productivity Tools

The CEMM is ideal for businesses that want to embrace mobility without sacrificing productivity and efficiency. The EMI Mobile Messenger (EMM) and Cloud EMM (CEMM) is designed to work with the most widely-used messaging services such as SMS,

Whatsapp, Telegram and WeChat and can be enhanced with features such as Mobile Notifications, ChatBot and API-Driven integrations.

EMI Mobile Messenger

Cloud EMM (CEMM)

Designed to work with the most widely-used messaging services such as,

and can be enchanced with features such as Mobile Notifications, ChatBot and API-Driven integrations.

PRODUCtivity tools

Designed as a one-stop messaging platform for enterprises, small businesses and Small-Medium Enterprises, our innovative Enterprise Mobile Messenger (EMM) and Cloud Enterprise Mobile Messenger (CEMM) are messaging services that improve business efficiency. It can be integrated with business applications to automate and optimise business processes and deliver convenience to your employees and customers by connecting them together. In summary, it’s ideal for businesses that want to embrace mobility without sacrificing productivity and efficiency

Benefits of both our EMM and CEMM include:

Intelligence message routing
No additional custom application installation required
Localisation for local Telco API
API-driven for in-house application




Multi-Service Support

Designed to work with widely-used messaging services such as Short Messaging Service (SMS), WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, etc.

Inbound Message Management

An automation process that enables automated document posting, data verification, statistical data, backend updates, automatic replies and initiating workflow.

Application Integration via Messages

Enables users to query data and update backend data and process with the use of messages.

Notification and Reminders

Provides convenience to your workforce by enabling them to easily set notifications and reminders.

Customer Engagement

Improve your customer engagement with automated greetings, informative news and status updates, sharing the latest promotions and provide customer support.

Automate Telegram

By implementing a bot into your Telegram account, you will be able to have it perform specific functions, interact with customers and also automate the process of sending out advertisements, news, polls, reminders and more to keep your customers engaged with you.

Simplify Communications

With WhatsApp for Business and WeChat, you are able to easily provide customer support, build relationships, gain lead generation, automate backend process and more.

Engaging SMS and Messaging Campaigns

Create and run engaging marketing campaigns that reach the exact customers and target audience it is meant for. Entice them through text, videos or images.


The gig economy is in full swing and has been adopted by many companies because it enables them to expand their workforce without incurring costs to hire full-time employees. By outsourcing services to part-time workers or freelancers with the necessary expertise, it also enables companies to easily meet customer demands. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved, companies save costs, there are more opportunities for freelancers and customers receive more options to meet their demands.

Reasons why you should Uberize your business:

Lower costs of your business
Gain the ability to scale quickly
Access to a diverse roster of workers
Easily meet customers’ demands

Service Provider Application

Customised mobile application for service providers that enables them to register profiles, communicate with customers, view comments and reviews and more.

Customer Application

Customised mobile application for customers that enables them to choose services, verify service personnel’s details, panic buttons and more.

Uberization Core Cloud Platform

User-friendly cloud-based administrative backend system for companies to manage all aspects of applications and data.

Training and Consultancy

Training on gig economy best practices, incentive and rewards management and outsourcing of workforce.

Supplier Invoice Presentment and Payment (SIPP)

Completely digitalise your company’s Procurement to Payment process by implementing a Supplier Invoice Presentment and Payment (SIPP) system that increases productivity, reduces mistakes, and allows you to focus on more crucial aspects of the business such as growth and customer relations. With a SIPP system in place, you will be able to automate recurring payments and payees can easily make changes and update invoices.

Here are the benefits of SIPP:

Single point of information for suppliers
Compatible with most accounting systems
Automate terms and recurring payments
Faster and timelier payments to suppliers

Simplify Invoice Management

Receiving and managing invoices will be simpler as it now goes to a single system. This also simplifies the auditing process as invoices are trackable and searchable.

Reduce Errors and Improve Approval Time

Eliminate mismatched or duplicate invoices and unauthorised payments with the matching and approval feature.

Enhance Payment and Discount Management

Increase the control you have over payments and discounts and provide suppliers with a wide range of payment options.

Improve Cash Management via Reports

With clear and concise analytics and insights, you will be able to gain a better understanding of your company’s cash flow.

Increase Control, Efficiency and Productivity of Supplier Onboarding

With the supplier onboarding portal, suppliers can now easily register online and provide the necessary documentation required all in one place. Making it easier for you to verify and check the legibility.

invoice financing

Do the following issues sound like things you face regularly; trouble verifying the authenticity of invoices, sending the same invoices to two different clients and slow processing of invoices? Here’s how Smart Fund can help eliminate these issues. Smart Fund is an invoice financing system that enables SAP-based businesses to substantially increase their productivity and accuracy in financial information management. It also allows you to use invoices as financial proof to apply for loans and improve cash flow.

A quick look at the benefits of Smart Fund:

Efficient, accurate & timely payments
Secure and interactive system

Enhanced with Blockchain Technology

Enables the system to resolve fraud and also reduces turnaround time.

Instant Invoice Verification

Eases cash flow constraints for businesses and provides suppliers with timelier payments and a hassle-free method to apply for financing.

Financier Availability

Provides easily available financing to supplies via multiple banks and financial institutions.

Document and Process Flows

A digital platform that enables paperless applications for suppliers and banks to submit and process applications.

Credit Check

Enables Buyer and Financier to gain visibility of the Supplier’s loan eligibility through their Credit Tip-Off Service (CTOS), Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) and Debit Service Ratio (DSR) score within minutes.

what is smartfund ?

Product - Smart Fund - How it works

Buyer publish invoice information on blockchain.

Submit Invoice for Funding

Supplier publish invoice Financing request with invoice document on blockchain.
<< Smart provides instances verification.

Funder Offer Funding Rate

Funders offer rate on off-chain

Supplier Accept Offered Rate

Supplier accept funder's offer to transfer document usage rights to the funder.

Funder Confirm Funding

Decentralized contract execution

Collaborate with


Banking has never been easier. With our Host2Host Banking solution, OneBank, your business will gain Straight Through Processing (STP). With it integrated into your ERP system, you will be able to import your bank account statements and make payments directly to your bank with just a push of a button. No more sign-in processes to multiple banks or systems. With OneBank, you will save time and gain better management of cash flow with a highly secured solution.

Here are some of the benefits of OneBank:

Complete audit trail
Single workflow for pending invoices
Constant accessibility to invoice information
Block or release invoices
Integration with SAP system
Mobile App support for approval

Improved efficiency

Pay vendors and import bank account statements with just a single push of a button through an ERP system.

High-level security

Data is exchanged over a secure channel (SSH) and files are encrypted before transmitting while transmission is conducted in an encrypted session.

Better savings

No more issuances of manual cheques. Gain better negotiation power with banks for enterprise needs.

Enhanced flexibility

Access your accounts anywhere and anytime.

Payment Approval Automation

With a Payment Dashboard integrated into your ERP-system, you will be able to obtain appropriate information on payment forecasts and data, enabling you to make better informed and timely business decisions. Customised to your specifications and preferences, the dashboard is able to eliminate multiple levels of manual signatories and multiple systems to complete batches of payment. It essentially streamlines the payment process so that it can be carried out digitally across different divisions.

A quick look at the benefits of Payment Approval Automation:

Eliminates multiple signatories and systems
Validation checks on proposals
Easily spot and rectify problems
Reduced follow-up inquiries

Payment Proposal Automation

Gain automated payment process and also automated alerts for delayed payments, errors or items that need to be reviewed.

Cashflow Projection for Payment and Accrual

The dashboard provides a 360-degree view of payment transactions and cash forecasting, enabling you to make necessary adjustments.

Approval via Mobile Devices

Gain convenience and access to your payment dashboard any time and anywhere as it supports Mobile applications.

Integrated into your SAP and ERP Systems

Based on your specific needs and requirements, the Payment Dashboard can easily be integrated into your current systems as a process enhancement.

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