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As a SAP Cloud Partner based in Malaysia, EMIS has all the experiences and expertise in delivering quick and affordable SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer in South East Asia. SAP Hybris Cloud solutions allow you to concentrate in your core business without worrying about the IT resources and thus leverage your innovation faster.

  • Low upfront investment - no hardware purchases, no hosting, no additional IT support.
  • Subscription-based – starts small, prove the solutions and grow at your own pace. Moving from Capex to Opex. Upgrade included in the subscription.
  • Cost effective – reducing cost by leveraging SAP approved deployment solutions. Predictable cost.
  • Quick implementation – 8 weeks for out-of-box standalone, and 12 weeks for out-of-box ERP integration.
  • Seamless integration to SAP ERP backend.
SAP Hybris Cloud

SAP Hybris Cloud (C4C) is a SAP Hybris Cloud-based CRM solution. SAP Hybris Cloud empowered your sales, service and marketing team to better engage with increasingly informed customer.

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud

To give your sales team the agility and power to find answers, engage in meaningful customer conversations, and deliver the right impact every time, salespeople need a new set of capabilities that enhance the selling process. Going beyond the traditional approach to sales software, SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales is easy to use and equips your sales team to close more deals faster in today's complex selling environment.

  • Customer Demand

Recognition that there is a demand for your product in the marketplace through multiple channels

  • Lead

Capture information from potential clients or customers that can then lead to a sale

  • Account and Contact

Make fast account updates, get complete customer intelligence and keep everyone in the loop so that you and your team are delivering the right impact in every customer conversation

  • Opportunity

Accelerate sales wins by rapidly tracking activities, collaborating with internal teams, customers and partners, keeping tabs on the competition, and obtaining guided selling materials for each deal

  • Sales Quote

Create and submit quotes to align with your internal approval process

  • Sales Order

Utilizing the robust integration features available on the back end, you can also create sales orders

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud - SME Starter Pack as low as RM 288

SAP Hybris Service Cloud

You offer support through different communication channels such as e-mail, social media or phone calls to help customers get the maximum value from the product or service they have purchased. Agile customer service organizations are proactive and anticipate customer needs. You want to exceed customer expectations and drive the best customer service in your industry. One way you and your customers are achieving this goal is through the rapid deployment of SAP Hybris Cloud for Service.

  • Incoming Communications

The process usually begins with an incoming customer communication. Customer service organizations need to provide choice in the way they offer support to customers, which means the ability to support different communication channels of contact, for example, e-mail, social media accounts, phone calls, and live chat.

  • Processing

After customer contact, some steps are applied either automatically by the system or manually by certain roles in the customer service organization to make sense of the customer communication. This could mean text analysis for sentiment and keyword detection in the case of social media, or real-time lookup of matching customer information for a phone call. The end result is a ticket that describes the customer issue, identifies the customer, and a specific product. Additionally, the ticket could classify the problem, as well as what caused the issue. The ticket could specify how quickly the problem must be resolved and any keywords that describe the problem.

  • Resolve Issues

A critical step in the overall process resolving the issue that caused the customer to contact service. If it is a simple inquiry, the agent may only need to provide an answer. In more complex cases, the agent may need to work in other systems to initiate a business process based on the customer request or order. Ease of use is critical for the agents. Ease of use translates into positive interactions with customers. The solution allows agents to provide the customers at the right time.

  • Response

After the agent has analyzed the customer issue, the agent needs to respond to the customer. The system has the flexibility to respond either in the original communication channel or switch to a new method of communication.

  • Close

At the end of the service process, the ticket is completed by the agent, and in some cases may allow the customer to confirm that the issue really has been resolved. This is the point where individuals, managers, or teams can reflect on whether the process can be improved. The system supports this through analytics that provide feedback to the organization on whether they are meeting their own performance goals or benchmarks.

SAP Hybris Service Cloud - SME Starter Pack as low as RM 298

SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite

SAP SucessFactors is a SAP Cloud-based HCM Solution. It offers not only the traditional Administrative HR functionalities like Personnel Management, fulfilling employment contract (Payroll, benefits, compliance) and Efficiency and Risk avoidance; but also Strategic HR like talent management, having the right people doing the right things in the right way and transaction and execution.

SAP Cloud Analytics

SAP Cloud Analytics is a SAP Cloud-based BI tool. It allows the user to plan, access, visualize and share business data in the secured cloud environment. We helps the customer to consolidate the data from disparate sources (Eg, SAP ERP, POS, standalone database, paper-based, pdf, etc) onto SAP Cloud Analytics for better visualization and business analysis.

Netbase Social Media Analytics

EMI-Solutions is the local partner for Netbase in South East Asia region. Netbase is the #1 fastest and most accurate social media analytics platform.

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