SAP Hybris Cloud | Apr, 2017
SME_Starter_Package Different businesses use different ways to keep track of sales activities — on paper, in a mobile app, or maybe using Excel. But it's very easy to misplace these notes. That's why, with SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, you can track emails, calls, and meetings directly on your contact, lead, or account. It's all organized, laid out in a straightforward format, and accessible from anywhere, at anytime

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud to help your organization to create more leads, shorten sales cycles, and improve win rates. By using SAP Hybris Sales Cloud will transform your teams and enable them to sell smarter and faster. SAP Hybris Sales Cloud gives a highly scalable business model we can take anywhere

Now that you’re tracking your sales information in SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, what can you do with all that data? Our analytics tools allow you to get real-time business insights. With Dashboards, you can quickly create easy-to-read charts that give you key sales information. That way, you can immediately make better-informed business decisions

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud allows us, in a digital age, to maintain focus on our customers in a faster, simpler way

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SAP Hybris Cloud | Apr, 2017
Introduce, SAP Hybris Services Cloud can be access, work from anywhere and anytime on your convenient. This level of agility can give businesses using cloud computing a real advantage over competitors. Most serious cloud services offering mobile apps, you’re not restricted by which device you’ve got to hand. 

SAP Hybris Services Cloud is the simple solution to the complicated concept of relationship management. We make it easy to find new listings & close more ticket by never falling out of touch with your contacts. 

In the digital economy, customers are expecting more choices than ever to engage with organizations and have their service requests resolved quickly. With SAP Hybris Services Cloud enable your organization to cover every touchpoint in a customer service engagement and deliver service excellence

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SAP Hybris Cloud | Apr, 2017
Is it possible to develop a custom approval in SAP Hybris Cloud for customer? The answer is YES.In C4C, SAP provides configurable and multi-level approval in some standard business objects like sales quotes and order.

In addition, custom approval can also be developed for custom business object. An example of business scenario is expenses request approval. A sales rep may request for expenses claim approval that have been used in the Lead or Opportunity generation.

A custom object "Expenses" can be created.

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SAP Hybris Cloud | Jan, 2017
How do you reward your loyal customers? The answer to building stronger customer relationship and engagement is with loyalty program. EMI Solutions is proud to offer an add-on to the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer and integration to SAP ERP for your total loyalty solution.

Business use cases:-
i) B2C – drive your brand loyalty to your consumers by offering flexible promotions and rewards at your targeted group of customers.
ii) B2B – create a personalized experience that drive the loyalty and revenue of your channel partners and dealers. In return, you will gain in-depth insight into their inventory and performance.
Gone are the days that you need to issue cards, redemption voucher and statement to your customer.
How Points Reward works?
1) Your customer may register themselves by email invitation when they purchased from you, or via Loyalty website.
2) Loyalty member can be tier based (Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc).
3) Flexible points rules based on product price, product or period of time.
4) Different type of membership, such as single, group or shared.
5) Integration to your ERP or e-commerce solution to reward points to your customer for every purchase.
6) Loyalty member information (points and transaction history) will be available in SAP Hybris C4C.

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EMIS hosted a tea time event at EspressoLab to share about SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. During the event, we together with SAP addressing the importance of Sales Force Automation. All the data and information are assets for the company and it is very important to keep it and retain it.

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